Community voting has arrived!! The community voice has been heard since before the collection launched on 26 March 2021 but now we have an additional, and powerful, tool to ensure we are accurately understanding that voice.

We have discussed some of the impactful decisions the community will decide upon, breeding and the fate of a Deck 3, but we'll be using this new tool for many other decisions as well.

Notes about voting:

  • Votes will be announced on our various channels, Twitter / Discord / etc., prior to the voting period opening.
  • A single Kreechure equals one vote. If you have 10 Kreechures then you have 10 votes.
  • Votes will be open for a known set amount of time. This time period will be included in the vote description. Alpha Governance does not currently have a time limit for polls, it's coming; however, we will include the ending time for all polls until the time limit feature is released. Polls will be open for a set period of time, 24/48/72/etc. hours, and the results of the poll at the time limit is what will "count".
  • Voting quorum: A minimum number of votes will be published at the start of the poll and included in the description. Polls that do not have a minimum number of votes, any vote, at the conclusion of the time period will be closed with a "no decision by community" status and the item in question will be decided by the Kreechures founder and team. For example, a voting quorum for critical items may be set to 30% of owned Kreechures (Kreechures that have been purchased or sent to their owners). If there are 3000 owned Kreechures then at least 900 votes must be cast for a community decision to be made.

Upcoming votes:

  • Test vote - A test vote is currently available. This vote will help Kreechure owners to become familiar with the voting platform we are using, Alpha Governance, in addition to helping us refine the voting description template needed. A second test vote will be created and will go through the full process of being announced, started, active, and closed.
  • Sovana integration - Should Kreechures join the Sovana platform which will allow Kreechure owners to participate in Sovana City activities with a Kreechures avatar? This vote will open shortly after the conclusion of the test votes.
  • Sovana Kreechure avatar - If Kreechure owners vote to join the Sovana-verse then we'll need to choose which Kreechure will be our avatar in Sovana City. Kreechure owners will vote on 3-5 options.
  • Kreechure Breeding - Does the proposed Kreechure breeding feature bring value to the collection, the game, and current Kreechure owners? This will be a Yes/No vote and should breeding receive a Yes, there will be future votes regarding implementation details. This vote will open near the start of Q2 of this year, 2022.
  • Deck 3 - Should there be a Deck 3 for the Kreechures collection? Date for this vote to open is TBD.
  • Other votes will be created and used as needed

I'm pretty excited about this new tool available to us. Not every single thing we do will be put up for a vote; however, as you can see above, Kreechure owners are being empowered to decide on significant items that will drastically alter our future. I hope you're as excited as I am and don't forget to vote!!