Kreechures are the 1st NFT project on Solana and we're working on a game.

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Crypto collectibles

Kreechures are built on Solana with achievements fueled by Kin.

  • Your kreechures (aka crypto collectible non-fungible tokens (NFTs) stored on the Solana (SOL) blockchain) are one of a kind and yours to level up, collect, trade, or sell.
  • Nature vs nurture will be in full swing as your kreechures gain experience and skills while they are being fruitful.

What kreechure lineage will you create?

Founder, Gen-0, kreechures are limited.

What can I do with my Kreechure?

Kreechures can be collected, traded, and sold. They can also be fruitful and multiply in addition to being leveled up by training, play combat, and other activities.

Our favorite cryptocurrency, Kin, is earned throughout the game by leveling up your kreechure’s different skills in addition to being used as in-game payment.