Training updates - NvN

The NvN formula and breakpoints have been adjusted to address a number of items. This will result in an improved leveling experience with your Kreechures and Krew.

  1. It took too darn long to go from one level to the next. Training may be the only input into leveling up right now, combat / etc. will also contribute, but it still took too long.
  2. There were levels where bunching was occurring, partly from item 1 above. Players were leveling up to a point and then getting "stuck".
  3. There was too much reward for a certain training style. There is no one "right" way to train. Train your Krew based on how you see using them in other aspects of the game, such as combat. However, no style should result in a substantially higher NvN over another.

No Krew's NvN has been reduced. In those rare cases where the updated formula results in a lower NvN, that Krew will keep their current level.

The machinery behind the scenes will continue to evolve as we learn more, work to increase joy, and resolve issues.

Now that this has been completed, stats will continue to update on a schedule. You can expect to see NvN updates, whenever a milestone is crossed, within 15-minutes as we work towards the ultimate goal of real-time feedback.