Kreechures Community Newsletter - Issue 4

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Before we get into the events and people we connected with, our most significant takeaway from NFT NYC was pretty simple: market sentiment should be irrelevant to builders. The projects that succeed during the next bull market will be the ones that continue to build and execute in the NOW.

GameFi panel @ the W3bTh33 Loung3

New York was a delightful experience for Kreechures. Huge shoutout to people like Sebastian Park, Brent Bushnell, Jack Vinijtrongjit, and others who were on many of the panels the team attended. Can't forget our founder Daniel, of course, who led our team onto the main stage to discuss the Rise of NFT utility in building communities:

"Web3 and NFTs may still be working on creating the utility that is only possible here and delivering on some important promises, but that ownership and empowerment is here today and that's huge." 

The team also had a great conversation with Arief Widhiyasa, chairman of a leading Web2 gaming studio.

Arief made a great point: the game economy must NOT rely on new/more players coming in after the game is established. Sustainability is the key.

Whether or not Kreechures is an established game isn't for us to decide. I know we have 2,000+ users playing our game and buying the KreePass weekly, and that's before any advanced game modes are released. What should be clear to all holders is the sustainability that $KIN's KRE provides for us, which is unmatched in the space. On top of that, now that we are running our GenesysGo Shadow Operator nodes, and receiving $SHDW emissions, we are undoubtedly one of the more sustainable web3 projects on Solana.

Kreechure Staking is Here!

$KIN staking is live & $SHDW rewards is next!

Kreechures staking is non-custodial, meaning the NFT stays in your wallet while you earn KIN. This is in addition to our play-to-earn game. So to maximize your Kin earns, you should be playing the game & staking.

Staking breakdown:

Receive 10,000 KIN/day for every Kreechures you stake.

Own 2 Kreechures NFTs? That means 20,000 KIN/day. ย 

Own 5 Kreechures NFTs? That means 50,000 KIN/day! Just set it & forget it:

We will also add additional staking rewards for Uncommon, Rare, and Fable Kreechures + Kreechures with Special Abilities.

Our ultimate goal with staking is to get the daily amount up to a level where staking essentially pays for a floor Kreechure by the 120-day mark, currently 3.6 SOL. This will take several steps and will be based on KRE earnings, but we like what they're going to look like in a few weeks.

$SHDW & the Shadow Drive

Decentralized storage at the speed of Solana

  • Kreechures is now running GenesysGo Shadow Operator Nodes.
  • Shadow Nodes that meet the collateral requirements, 10k $SHDW, are eligible to receive shadow emissions each epoch, approx. 10 times a month.
  • Kreechures emissions will be split with a portion paying for operating costs, shadow node servers cost money, and the rest going back to Kreechure owners. More info on how payouts will reach Kreechure holders will be released soon.
  • Kreechures will expand beyond our initial nodes as time and profits allow.
  • The infrastructure, Shadow Operator Node, side of Kreechures has excellent potential for Kreechures the business and Kreechures the community (Kreechure owners).
  • Kreechures will offer a white-label service where other projects, DAOs, or individuals can have their own Shadow Operator Nodes, which are managed by Kreechures behind the scenes. These will also provide benefits to Kreechures holders.

Why wouldnโ€™t other projects do this themselves? They sure can. But theyโ€™ll still need to:

  • Meet the same collateral requirements, 10k $SHDW, while also incurring 100% of the risk.
  • Hire an infrastructure nerd.
  • Procure (purchase/lease), provision, and maintain the high-end servers.
  • Pay full server costs each month regardless of the SHDW emissions covering the total or not. (100% of the risk.)
  • Pay your infrastructure nerd each month regardless of the SHDW emissions covering the total or not.
  • Spend your limited time / focus running this when they might rather spend their time / focus on the other stuff they're already doing.

BridgeSplit + Kreechures

Fractionalization is a product by Bridgesplit that enables users to fractionalize an NFT and trade fractions of that NFT on a market powered by Raydium and Serum.

Fractionalization isn't for everyone, but Kreechures is proud to provide this new utility option to all of our holders.

Fractionalization โ€” or the transformation of a non-fungible asset into fungible assets is a core piece of infrastructure to enable the composability of NFTs and DeFi.

Please note this Bridgesplit is still in Beta.
  1. Deposit your Kreechure into the Bridgesplit index.
  2. Under "NFT Deposit," select your Kreechure and deposit it.
  3. You can also be rewarded by providing liquidity under the "Liquidity Pool" by combining your $Kreechure with $Sol.
  4. After you've deposited liquidity, take those LP tokens into the "Farm Tab" and stake your LP Tokens.
  5. You will then see you are instantly earning $USCD rewards. You can redeem them at any time, and they will go directly into your phantom wallet.

If you're considering this for your Kreechures, please be sure to checkout the Bridgesplit website before attempting to fractionalize your NFTs.

Intro to Other Kin Apps

4kin is a cool new social platform dedicated to showcasing apps and other info about $KIN cryptocurrency.

4Kin provides end-users with insight on all Kin apps, Kin exchanges, Kin community groups, staking platforms, and much more! Head over to their website and start reviewing your favorite Kin apps!

Kreechures have their own info page on the 4Kin website.

Check out the 4Kin website and Twitter for more!

Kreechures is also very proud to partner with Kinscan!

"Kinscan is about improving transparency. Before Kinscan, we felt that we were looking into a black box when it came to understanding how Kin was used within apps. Users lacked the ability to easily view account creations by apps, users spending or earning Kin in-app, and peer-to-peer activity. We intend to make clear how Kin is used in apps across the ecosystem and make the network increasingly transparent to all participants." - Tony Jacob

Check out the Kinscan website and Twitter for more!

4kin + Kinscan (Kin block explorer) are two great projects who are paving the way to a seamless back-end Kin experience.

Community Spotlight

This month we introduce Chase Winovich! 

Nico had the pleasure to finally meet Chase in person while at NFT NYC, and he's a class act, a great person, all around. Chase is currently playing for an NFL team called the Cleveland Browns, and oh, by the way, he has a few Kreechures (Deck 1 and 2) safely stored in his wallet.

Let's all give Chase a follow on Twitter ASAP!

Other updates

Kreechures have been integrated into Neko wallet
  • The My Krew page now allows you to pin your favorite NFTs, making the UX much smoother.
  • A new team member is coming onboard to assist with racing. We're pretty excited about it. They have a pretty sizable audience and our upcoming game is very on brand for them. Weekly twitch streams with them will be occurring as we continue the build in public. More to follow on this.
  • Raffles are coming to Kreechures - we have a pretty neat raffle concept coming. Excited to share more over the next week.
  • Combat - Max health is finally being updated as previously discussed. Once deployed, an NvN 1 and an NvN 50 will no longer have the same max health. Each NvN level has it's own max. This should be deployed within the next week-ish.
  • In-game per-page tutorial/guide is almost ready. SDK did a fantastic job building the capability and the content is being finalized. This is essentially an overlay for each page that guides new players, and old players that need a reminder, through the game.

Thatโ€™s it for Issue #4! See you all next time!

We are Solana's first NFT collection. That's truly legendary. No one can take that away from us.

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