Kreechures Community Newsletter

Issue 1 - 2022

This series is a platform to spotlight our community members and what they're working on.

If interested in being featured, send nic◎#6422 a DM regarding your business/project/hobby, and we'll find you a spot in the months to come.

This month we are highlighting three amazing members of our community:

Feature #1 - Kehaar : Mudlarking Expert

Kehaar, or u/Kehaar on Reddit, has a really cool hobby—Mudlarking.

Now, we're pretty sure a few of you are wondering—

Don't worry, that's where our overview comes in...

Mudlarking is one of the oldest hobbies in the world. The name was coined in London during the 18th century to describe folks searching for fallen goods in the muddy streets to sell.

However, today, it’s grown into an amazing hobby for anyone who has an interest in history or even treasure hunting!

Random guy holding his treasure...but Kehaar's finds are way cooler (see below)

Nico: What are some general tips for anyone that wants to throw on their boots and get Larkin'?

Kehaar:“If you're looking for artifacts in particular, knowing if the area was ever occupied definitely helps. Any area with significant erosion or upheaval of the soil for farming or construction is likely to yield something. Other than native artifacts, you can find old China patterns, a fair amount of broken glass, cast off tires, etc.”

Nico: Very cool. What’s the holy grail of Mudlarking? What ancient artifact are you hoping to unearth one of these days?

Kehaar: “Here in the US, the holy grail for arrowheads would be something about 10k years old, otherwise known as a so-called Clovis point.”

Here are some of Kehaar’s finds:

Anyone interested in learning more about Mudlarking, there’s a tight-knit community on Reddit:

Feature #2- Hov53 : Host of 'NFT Origins' Podcast

(NFT Origins is NOT to be confused with Kreechures ORIGINS Show which occurs the second and fourth Thursday of the month via @Kreechures Twitter Spaces)

Hov hosts 'NFT Origins' every week.

Nico: What is NFT Origins all about?

Hov:“NFT Origins is about finding the why behind projects. I ask questions on how and why the project came together to discover the passion behind each project. It's my goal to provide another avenue of DYOR, by helping listeners get to know the origin story behind projects.”

That’s some great advice, Hov! We'll be sure to tune in for the next show, and remember:

You can check out Hov's podcast on Twitter, Spotify, and Apple podcast.

Now for some community updates...

These past few weeks, we added the Radiant and Umbra roles .... NOW, we're excited to introduce the Elites!

So what exactly are the Elites?

Hand-picked Radiants & Umbras will be invited into the Elite role: This unique temporary role resets every month and is given out to our most dedicated community members.

  • You can obtain this unique role by engaging and chatting in our Discord regularly, as well as completing unique and incredibly fun faction quests available to you in our #faction-quest channel. Those who are bestowed the Elite role will be rewarded with special Kreechure-specific prizes as a thank you for being an awesome member of our community.
  • Important to Note: Only 20 community members can have the Elite role at any given time.
  • More on Discord Quests: By completing quests within our Discord, you’ll be put in the running for an additional 1000 energy on a weekly basis. With that being said, with energy, you can beef up your Kreechures and earn more $KIN every week! Pretty amazing, right? Leveling up your Kreechures faster now will pay dividends down the road when Combat, Missions, and Racing are released!

Additionally, we have created a Starcraft League!

Every Thursday 9 PM EST
  • Ooey is our Starcraft phenom, shout out to him for setting it all up. If you want to play, head over to #Discord-Leagues, and see what he’s cooking up.
  • Want us to start a league for another game? We are here for it! We’ll work with you to get it set up.

Lastly, Tuesday Night Poker is popping off!

  • Poker is growing in attendance AND prizes. James and Mistress have led the way in this direction, and we’ve got a bunch of Solana NFT communities joining us on a weekly basis!
  • When we initially started, the weekly pot was just $KIN, but it keeps growing! Every week we have different communities joining us and adding something unique that changes the game dynamic.
Last week's prizes.

If you know of any Solana NFT communities that want to join our Poker tournaments, make sure to shoot our team a DM! We love hosting, we just ask our partners to contribute a small portion to our weekly prize pool.

Aaaand we're back for our final Spotlight of the month, Feature #3- Old Nova from Undead Sols!

Old Nova and the Undead Sols Collection have been one of the greatest recent additions to the Kreechure-verse & they have some exciting new updates on the horizon!

About The Collection: Undead Sols is two NFT collections (Undead Sols & Undead Sols: Werewolves) are hand-drawn, ultra-unique supernatural art. More importantly, they are a completely community-driven artistic and social NFT venture on Solana. Join their community to win prizes, receive airdrops, and gain access to the collection-inspired lore series featured on their blog!

How can you not love these?

Nico: What inspired you to create Undead Sols?

Old Nova: “Our founder, Dan, was fond of how vampires were depicted in art form, so he decided to make a collection of vampire-inspired NFTs. Funny thing was, he had an image of how they would look in his head and they turned out even better than he imagined.”

Nico: What plans do you have moving forward?

Old Nova: “Our holders can look forward to an evolving project that adapts to both conditions and breakthroughs. We will bring every possible utility that our budget allows! Some of the things on the drawing board are:

The Royal Collection—consisting of 8 additional types of supernatural beings that were suggested and voted on by the community. Additionally, the collection will feature female versions of each supernatural type.

Staking is another utility that we intend to introduce in the future.”

Checkout Undead Sols via their Linktree.

For information on how you can buy the NEW werewolf collection, check out Undead Sols on Medium.

Now, let’s take a QUICK journey through our best daily conversation topics from February:

We had a ton of great 📚 book suggestions 📚 earlier this month. To name a few…

  • Shoutout Lena (Marketing Guru) for recommending The Kite Runner.
  • Daniel (Gamemaster / Founder) for the Cryptonomicon suggestion.
  • Atikin the self-proclaimed Village idiot (lol his words, not mine) for 1984. What a classic, eh!
  • And last but not least, $lick (another bookworm) for recommending Battlefield Earth.

I know, I know, to some of us books can be kind of….

So, here are some of the TV shows our community members loved growing up:

Big bad beetleBorgs - James' pick.
The Muppet show - Kehaar's pick.
The Littles - LadyKai's pick.
Sabrina the Teenage Witch - Mistress' pick.
Star Trek TNG & Doogie Howser, M.D. - Daniel's picks.
MacGyver - Renji's pick... (sorry Renji, but I'm team MacGruber lol)
Avatar the Last Airbender and Drake & Josh - Nico's picks.

Holy smokes, now that’s a lot of TV!

There’s only one thing left to do:

Dodgeball movie

If you’re still here, thanks for scrolling!

Lastly,  we just want to give a shout to the amazing community members that have been killin’ our Faction Quests:

Your names are enshrined forever... in the Krusty Krab. 

If your name is on the list, we just want to  say...

Contributing to the Faction Quests is the perfect way to bring in new users to join the Kreechures fun!

& important to mention, anyone who is killin’ the faction quests will be prioritized for the Elite role!

A Look Ahead: Kreechures is celebrating its first birthday on March 26th – safe to say March is going to be an EPIC milestone!

We'll be here to recap the highlights at the end of next month and promote the businesses/projects/hobbies from those of you who reach out (nic◎#6422 on Discord)  about our spotlight series.

That’s it for February! See you all next time!

If you missed it: Training and KIN Bonus update.

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