The KreePass has arrived
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Our first in-app Kin spend has arrived!!

The KreePass is your golden ticket to earning Kin in the Kreechures game. Make sure to renew your pass every week, or purchase a few to get ahead, to ensure you not only gain achievements, but also earn while you play!

We previously mentioned the KreePass here and here but the TLDR summary is that the KreePass will become required, beginning 23 March 2022,  for any players that wish to receive Kin bonuses for any achievements they earn and for the daily activity bonus. You'll always be able to play regardless of having a KreePass or not, but you'll only get the Kin bonuses with it.

Important notes about the KreePass

Things to do
Photo by AbsolutVision / Unsplash
  • Every KreePass last one week.
  • The KreePass is not transferable to another Solana account. If you use multiple accounts while playing the game, because you have NFTs in different accounts, then you'll need a KreePass for each account.
  • If you renewed your KreePass while also having an active KreePass, an additional week will be added at the end of your subscription end date.
  • After purchase, your KreePass thru date will be updated typically within 10-minutes. You can see your thru date in the store after connecting your wallet. We'll add the date in the new UI as well.

This is a major step towards long term sustainability for Kreechures the game and increasing the benefits to Kreechure NFT owners.