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Kreechures NFT

What is this whole thing?

  • Kreechures are crypto collectibles. They are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) stored on the Solana (SOL) blockchain. Each Kreechure is one of a kind and yours to level up, collect, trade, or sell.

How are Kreechures made?

  • Kreechures is a collection of generative art that is made to bring joy to you by viewing and collecting your favorites in addition to entertaining you with a game.
  • Each Kreechure begins their life in the careful hands of an artist which creates them in their own style as vector art. The artist will add variation to different aspects of their new creation such as different facial expressions.
  • Kreechures then work their way through a generative process where those variations and colorations are used by algorithms to produce unique characters in hopes of becoming a friend to you. Kreechures’ images and metadata exist on resilient networks such as IPFS and Arweave.
  • NFTs are minted on the Solana blockchain and contain metadata with Kreechure information. These NFTs are what you’ll receive in your crypto-wallets, like Phantom, so you can keep your buddy safe in addition to seeing them in your wallet.
  • Finally, your Kreechure in-app account will be updated to associate your Kreechure to you in-app so you can take part in training, combat, breeding, etc. when they become available.

How many are there?

  • There are currently less than 2,500 that have been created to date. There will only ever be 7,500 Generation-0 Kreechures. That’s it. No other Gen-0 Kreechures will be created once we hit that limit. Breeding Kreechures is a feature that will be available to players but breeding two Gen-0’s results in a Gen-1 Kreechure.

How do I buy a Kreechure?

  • Create a Kreechures account if you don’t already have one and then login. There is a purchase button on the first page that will show you all available Kreechures. From there you can pick your favorite and pay in either Kin or SOL.

What are the different species of Kreechures?

  • There are currently 13 different species of various rarities. They have names like Marvin, Cecil, Rufus, George, Sam, Augustus, Lightning, Ash, Oarebs, Soleau, Bokes, Scree, and Dale. It’s a pretty diverse bunch lol

What do you mean by “rarities” for the species?

  • Each species has different limits on how many Gen-0 variations are created. Those limits are:
  • Common - Greater than 50 and no limit up to the Gen-0 limit of 7,500
  • Uncommon - No more than 50 of this species will be created
  • Rare - No more than 10 of this species will be created
  • Fabled - No more than 1 of this species will be created. When it comes to making more from breeding, the owner of this Kreechure has full control over the entire species’ bloodline. A player isn’t forced to allow breeding with their Kreechure. A player with a Fabled Kreechure could determine that no other Kreechures of this species will ever exist.

That’s interesting. Is there anything else that makes a Kreechure unique?

  • Absolutely. One of the things that make Kreechures more unique at birth is their special abilities. Not all Kreechures have one. Less than 10% of all Kreechures are born with one. You also have things like birthdate, birth sequence, and the REST attribute that contributes to uniqueness.
  • A Kreechure’s level, training, combat, and education stats also contribute to their uniqueness. Kreechures is a text-based RPG in addition to being a crypto-collectible. You don’t have to play if that isn’t your sort of thing but it can be pretty cool if it is your cup of tea.

Wait…wait….there is A LOT there to unpack.

  • I agree. See you soon!!!!

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