Kreechures Community Newsletter - Issue 4

Kreechures Racing - Unreal Game EngineπŸ‘€ Something's coming Fade us if you want βœ… First NFT collection on Solana βœ… Existing game where 1000s of players are P2E every day βœ… Love @UnrealEngine βœ… Build in public βœ… New game coming 🟩 Fucking around#Race2Earn #RaceForPinkslips #Solana #NFTs $Kin

Kreechures Community Newsletter - Issue 3

April had its ups and downs across the Solana-verse! We saw new NFT projects going viral, which is excellent for us as Solana's market cap keeps growing. However, we also saw TPS getting attacked by minting bots... all and all, Kreechures is still here building our game and a lot

Kreechures Community Newsletter - Issue 2 - 2022

If interested in being featured on our next issue, please send nicβ—Ž#6422 a DM on Discord regarding your business/project/hobby, and we'll reach out! Community SpotlightYou know him from his supreme collection of Deck 1 Kreechures & from his Kreechures' videos! Introducing the one and only, OG Chief

The KreePass has arrived

Kreechures' first in-app Kin spend has arrived!! The KreePass is your golden ticket to earning Kin in the Kreechures game.

Kreechures Community Newsletter

In this month's edition, we dive into Mudlarking, a unique new podcast, and even a few werewolves make an appearance towards the end...


VOTE HERE Community voting has arrived!! The community voice has been heard since before the collection launched on 26 March 2021 but now we have an additional, and powerful, tool to ensure we are accurately understanding that voice. We have discussed some of the impactful decisions the community will decide

Training updates - NvN

The NvN formula and breakpoints have been adjusted to address a number of items. This will result in an improved leveling experience with your Kreechures and Krew. It took too darn long to go from one level to the next. Training may be the only input into leveling up right

The Kin Bonus is Back! πŸŽ†

Yes, you read that correctly. A little background to catch everyone up. The First Contact event started a few months ago at the end of 2021 and included a variety of perks. This event was a smashing success, and we owe all of our thanks to the Kin Foundation for

What’s Going on in the Kreechure-Verse? πŸ€”

Last week, we talked about the start of Kreechures, the journey from then to now, and some of the things we have coming up this quarter. You can find that update here if you missed it. πŸ‘ˆ With that being said, when it comes to a project, there is one thing

Kreechures - On Building 2022 πŸ”¨

Kreechure-verse Community, Kliques, and Partners... The Pilot episodeI began actually working (testing/building) on Kreechures in late January and February of 2021. Metaplex didn't exist. Candy Machine didn't exist. Phantom didn't exist. There was no NFT metadata standard at that time. No standard place to store images/etc. This time

They are arriving!

They are arriving! Kreechures are built on Solana with achievements fueled by Kin.