They are arriving!

Forced to leave their home planets. They have been traveling for a very long time.

Come check them out here.

Crypto collectibles

Kreechures are fueled by Kin flying on the Solana super highway.

  • Your kreechures (aka crypto collectible non-fungible tokens (NFTs) stored on the Solana (SOL) blockchain) are one of a kind and yours to level up, collect, trade, or sell.

  • Nature vs nurture will be in full swing as your kreechures gain experience and skills while they are being fruitful.

What kreechure lineage will you create?

Help rehome a Kreechure

Kreechures are limited.

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How does this work?

Kreechures are arriving!

  • Kreechure NFTs are generating at a rate of 1-kreechure every 12-minutes

  • These founder kreechures will be placed in the accounts of everyone that pre-registered. You do not buy them. You have signed-up to adopt them on arrival. #AdoptDontShop

  • Pre-registration has closed but stop by here, and see if there are still any Kreechures to adopt before they go on sale.

  • Founder kreechures are limited

  • To ensure kreechures are never lost, kreechure images will be stored on both IPFS and Arweave in addition to a public cloud.

What can I do with my Kreechure?

  • Kreechures can be collected, traded, and sold. They can also be fruitful and multiply in addition to being leveled up by training, play combat, and other activities.

  • Our favorite cryptocurrency, Kin, is earned throughout the game by leveling up your kreechure’s different skills in addition to being used as in-game payment.

  • Is a Gen 1 Kreechure that’s a level 3 overall more or less sought after than a Gen 4 kreechure that’s a level 30? We can’t wait to find out!!

The Krew is on their way

They might look Kute, but make no mistake….well, okay, they’re cute. And even with near unlimited intelligence and power, they still needed a friend. Just like us.




The merch is here!

Stickers, skins, notebooks, magnets, and more!!!!

Check it out on RedBubble.

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